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      1. Welcome to Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd.!
        Professional inspection camera solutions provider
        0086-755 2899 6466

        Product Categories

        China R & D on sales

        R & D

        Shenzhen QBH is the endoscope camera company with greatest production capacity in China, also the earliest borescope company to research and produce i...

        China Service on sales


        Professional answering on hd inspection camera pre-sale and after-sale questions, always on-line ready to help solve customer confusion, ODM/OEM avail...

        China High-Tech on sales


        Shenzhen New High-Tech enterprise, also National New High-Tech enterprise

        China Professional on sales


        Shenzhen QBH specializes in industrial borescope inspection camera for more than 16 years, we have more than 30 patents certificates in borescope came...


        China 2018.07.01 GuangZhou Exhibition on sales

        2018.07.01 GuangZhou Exhibition

        This Guangzhou Exhibition July 1st is very successful for us, we received lots of name cards, sold some samples and meet a lot of potential buyers.

        China QBH New product:Pick up tool on sales

        QBH New product:Pick up tool

        In the year 2018, with the snake tube technological superiority, QBH developed new products: pick uptools. T01, T02, T03 and T04. Among them, T04 is a...

        China Engine carbon cleaning on sales

        Engine carbon cleaning

         We QBH group come to a motor maintenance store of our friend’s as witnesses to see how this powerful engine carbon cleaning machine works.


        China USB 6602CE manufacturer

        USB 6602CE

        China CE Certificate manufacturer

        CE Certificate

        China Zoom endoscope manufacturer

        Zoom endoscope

        China zl2012 2 0147844.5 manufacturer

        zl2012 2 0147844.5

        China ZL2012 2 0147836.0 manufacturer

        ZL2012 2 0147836.0

        China ZL2012 2 0003443.2 manufacturer

        ZL2012 2 0003443.2

        China wifi inspection camera manufacturer

        wifi inspection camera

        China wifi endoscope manufacturer

        wifi endoscope

        China two way borescope manufacturer

        two way borescope

        China The videoscope can be rotated manufacturer

        The videoscope can be rotated

        China Multi-directional rotation manufacturer

        Multi-directional rotation

        China Mobile device connection manufacturer

        Mobile device connection

        China detector manufacturer


        China Certification04.JPG manufacturer


        China Certification03.JPG manufacturer


        China Certification02.JPG manufacturer


        China Certification01.JPG manufacturer


        China Active docking manufacturer

        Active docking

        China 360 rotation manufacturer

        360 rotation

        China 4way rotation manufacturer

        4way rotation

        China 01 manufacturer


        China 02 manufacturer


        China 03 manufacturer


        China 04 manufacturer


        China 05 manufacturer


        China 06 manufacturer


        China 07 manufacturer


        China 08 manufacturer


        China 09 manufacturer


        China 2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1 manufacturer

        2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1

        China 2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-2 manufacturer

        2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-2

        China 2013 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1 manufacturer

        2013 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1

        China 2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-1 manufacturer

        2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-1

        China 2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2 manufacturer

        2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2

        China 2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-3 manufacturer

        2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-3

        China Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2 manufacturer

        Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2

        China 20151230154205 manufacturer


        China 20151230154508 manufacturer


        China Engineer1 manufacturer


        China 20151230154815 manufacturer


        China 20161118111738 manufacturer


        China Engineer manufacturer


        China engineer manufacturer


        China Business team manufacturer

        Business team

        China heary manufacturer


        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18 manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-17.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-17.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-16.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-16.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-15.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-15.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-14.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-14.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-13.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-13.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-12.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-12.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-11.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-11.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-10.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-10.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-9.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-9.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-8.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-8.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-7.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-7.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-6.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-6.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-5.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-5.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-4.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-4.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-3.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-3.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-2.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-2.JPG

        China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-1.JPG manufacturer

        Automechanika Shanghai 2016-1.JPG

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair9 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair9

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair8 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair8

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair7 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair7

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair6 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair6

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair5 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair5

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair4 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair4

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair3 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair3

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair2 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair2

        China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair1 manufacturer

        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair1

        China have a meal together manufacturer

        have a meal together

        China Employee2 manufacturer


        China Employee1 manufacturer


        +MoreAbout us

        Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd.

            Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co.,Ltd is an innovative high-tech enterprise specialize in intelligent instruments for over 16 years, our main products including Industrial Borescope, Car Evaporator Visual Inspection Cleaning Borescope, Vehicle Thorough Maintenance Cleaning Borescope, Snake Tubes, Inspection Camera, etc. Founded in 2000, through a stable development and technology accumulation for 16 years, QBH currently possesses the most specialized and most productive industrial snake camera production line. We highly value the protection of intellectual property. QBH has obtained the most intellectual property rights comparing with its peer in the industry. We have more than 30 patent certificates, including 2 patents for invention. The application of patent certificates protect customers from any intellectual property disputes.


        What Types of your endoscope&#.......

        Pipe Line inspection,Wifi smart phone endoscope,Portable inspection camera,Atomazing and inspection endoscope and so on.......

        what is your endosocpe field o.......

        1) Industrial,?mechanical checking and inspection :vehicle maintenance and repair;
        2) Aviation inspection;
        3) A......

        What is pixel about your endso.......

        We have 4 size of pribe diameter,Difference have difference pexel,

        Your endosocpe if have OEM/ODM.......

        Yes,Of couse.......

        Do you have any types about yo.......

        Semi-ridi tube,Ridi tube,Flexiable tube.......

        How long is your endoscope pro.......

        The stander length is 1 meter,But you can custom it to 20M......

        How lond was your endoscope wa.......

        The endosocpe handle have 12 month
        The camera probe have 2 month......

        What payment way you can provi.......

        Paypal/West union/TT......

        Do you have any certifications.......

        Yes,we have CE,FCC and ROSH.......

        Are you manufacturer or trader.......

        Of courese,we are professional leading manufacturer of borescope industry in china.......