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        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair4
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        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair3
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        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair2
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        2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair1
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        have a meal together
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        Beste klant, Welkom op het stuur ons onderzoek als u interesse in QBH borescope inspectie camera hebt of vragen! Neem contact op met de onderstaande v...
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        QBH KS02 new arrival handheld borescope

        • Auteur:Colin
        • Release op:2018-07-05
            With our constant innovation in the past months, we finally developed a new product KS02 handheld borescope. It is more beautiful, more practical and more stable than the several generations before.

            The bright spot of KS02 handheld borescope is very simple to carry and operate! It has a cloth toolkit pacakge, small volume and very convenient to carry. 

            Here are some specifications:
        1). Handheld design,simple operation , convenient to Carry.
        2). 2.7 inch 960RGB*240 resolution  TFT monitor, brightness adjustable, contrast ratio and saturability adjustable.
        3). Camera LED lights brightness adjustable, monitor 180 degree rotation
        4). Equipped with 4pcs AA battery, with power indication function and low voltage shutdown protection.

        Application areas:

        1. Aerospace industry: used in aircraft structural frames, engines, and blade inspection products.

        2. Automobile production and maintenance: inspection products for auto parts and engines

        3. Power production and construction units: used for endoscopy inspection of wind power plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants and power construction units.

        4, precision casting and machinery manufacturing: for the production of mechanical parts, casting unit inspection products

        5. Petroleum, chemical, and pressure vessel industries: testing products for petroleum, chemical, and pressure vessel industries

        6. Railway, shipbuilding, construction engineering, research units: testing products for locomotives, turbines, engineering, pharmaceuticals, food pipelines

        7. National defense and military security, security inspection: for weapons and equipment, public safety inspection